Swollen Uvula is also known as Uvilities in medical science. This is not a big disease, this can be cure through herbal remedies without taking antibiotics or diagnose of doctors. Mostly it appears when your mouth gets dehydrated or victim suffering from sore throat condition.


Causes of Swollen Uvula

  • Dehydration is the main cause of inflamed uvula.
  • Happens due to excess consumption of smoke or alcohol.
  • Peptic Ulcer
  • NSAIDs or Antibiotics
  • Acid Reflux
  • hot food and beverages damage esophagus
  • viral infection
  • any trauma to throat
  • Other RTI infections

Now here we told you about causes of uvula infection. This infection or inflammation can be treated from natural remedies. It will take some time but natural remedy is good for health.

Natural Remedies

  1. First of all you need to improve rehydration in mouth. Don’t keep your uvula dry, take few amount of water when you get it is drying. You can use Luke warm water or ice cubes for this.
  2. Lime water, honey and ginger in water are also a best antibacterial agent to cure Uvilitis.
  3. Turmeric is best in sore throat or any kind RTI. Just take tbsp on turmeric with salt in one glass of water. You can take it on the early morning time or bed time twice a day.
  4. Avoid anti inflammatory drugs or antibiotics and do this herbal remedies if you can.
  5. Avoid taking hot and spicy food during this time.
  6. Put basil leaves in the mouth, it will work as a best antibacterial agent.
  7. If available use herbal tea instead of regular tea. It is best to treat the infected uvula.
  8. Gargle with salt water, every time you feel Uvula swollen is paining.
  9. Take as much liquid as you can like orange juice, apple juice or mild tomato or spinach soup.
  10. In small children, mix turmeric in honey and put in the tip of tongue.

Here are the natural remedies. But after week you don’t feel good, consult the doctor. Most of the time it is cured by natural remedies, but in acute Uvilities it need a proper treatment of antibiotics or surgery.


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