In Sanskrit Gyan means acknowledgement of wisdom, acknowledgement of spiritual enlightenment. From decades Gyan mudra is observed by Yogis of India. This is one mudra of Pranayam, means to get good oxygen and remove the bad spirits from inner side. It is a very simple mudra any children to adult can make it. It is believed that it has a power to remove all the stress and tension from the mind and relax the body. Now let us show you how you can do gyan mudra and what is the perfect time and position to follow gyan mudra asana.

Gyan Mudra

How to Follow Gyan Mudra

  1. It just requires your minimal time, comfort place and peaceful atmosphere.
  2. The early morning time is very good to make this mudra. Morning time is a very decent time to concentrate the mind. So if you can make it possible do this in the early morning time.
  3. Open air atmosphere is good, but still you can use nearby window place from where you can get a good fresh air. Or if you have nearby garden it is a big deal.
  4. Now the time is how to sit. There are various asanas available in yoga. you can perform with any of the asana like simple Sukha Asana (easy pose) , Vajra Asana (diamond pose) and Padma Asana ( Lotus Pose). All these are sitting asana.
  5. If you are not able to perform the asana you can do it by sitting on the chair, or else you want to do it in the standing position follow tada aasana.
  6. Sit straight from spine, look at the front side. Keep your neck straight and now put both hands on your knees.
  7. Now touch the index finger tip to tip of thumb and make a proper round shape.
  8. Keep all the remaining fingers straight.
  9. Put your hands straight and close your eyes.
  10. Take a deep breath and hear your breath.
  11. Remove all your thinking aside just keep hearing your breath.

You can perform it for 10 minutes to 30 minutes to longer time as much long you want to.

This is really a good idea to bring a calm and peace in the life. It is also helpful in removing the stress and discomfort from life.

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